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Boyçelik manufactures round and rectangular tubes for an array of vastly different industries ranging from furniture to home appliances and automotive to construction. NDT (Eddy Current) methods and inside diameter scarfing processes can be utilized during production. 

Boyçelik has an annual production capacity of 120 thousand tons in tube, and steel plate production. All production processes from raw materials entry, to non destructive testing methods during production and final finish treatments are supported with physical and chemical tests.

The tube and profile production at Boyçelik is in conformity to the company’s ISO 9000, 14001, OHSAS 18001, 50001, 27001, CE and TSE certificates so that customers receive quality products and services.

Production Range and Options

Boyçelik manufactures tubes with a thickness ranging from 0,4 mm-5,00 mm and diameter range between Ø10 mm-Ø114,3 mm, as well as square, rectangular and special section tubes that fall within this range. 
Boyçelik is also able to carry out multiple cutting process with a +0,5 mm tolerance on Ø13 mm to Ø50,8 mm diameter and 320 mm-8000 mm cutting length.

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