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The rectangular tubes manufactured by Boyçelik to meet different needs are presented to wholesale and industrialists service. Rectangular tubes are manufactured to international standards on the latest technology machinery to various customer specifications on quality, from hot or cold rolled strips as suitable to further coating applications. The rectangular tubes presented to Boyçelik customers are manufactured in conformity to TS EN 10305-3 and TS EN 10219 production standards. The rectangular tubes manufactured to TS EN 10219 standards have CE mark and rectangular tubes have high resistance against corrosion.

The advantage of having a wide stock option allows Boyçelik to meet customer demands on standard products instantly, while being able to engage custom orders and deliver on time.

Production Standards

TS EN  10305-5, 10219   

DIN  2395, 59411

TS  6475, 5317

Production Range (mm)

External sizes: 10x15 mm - 40x80 mm

Thickness     :  0.5 mm - 3.0 mm

Length         :  3.000 mm - 10.000 mm

Cut to Length Ranges

Size range    : 10x15 mm - 30x50 mm
Thickness range    :  0,5 mm - 2,0 mm
Cutting length    :  320 mm - 8000 mm / 10 mm - 3000 mm (Multiple Cutting)
Length tolerance    : + 0,5 mm   

Optional Processes

• Products suitable for galvanizing process
• Products suitable for polishing and chrome coating process
• Cut to length products with multiple cutting process   
• Corrosion resistant oil application
• IDS (Internal diameter scarfing)
• Eddy Current Testing

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