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It is everbody’s duty to protect their corner of the world…
Boyçelik fulfills its environmental responsibility not only towards nature but also towards future generations and every living organism of now and future. That is why Boyçelik uses environment-friendly processes at every step of production.

In accordance with its environmental policy, Boyçelik pays attention to use the natural resources in a careful manner and creates environmental awareness by educating its employees about nature-friendly production processes.
Boyçelik sees environment as an asset that belongs to future generations at our custodial. This asset needs to be delivered in a better condition than it was received. Thus, Boyçelik’s environmental policy is:
•    To realize continuous improvement by developing environmental awareness among its employees thanks to several trainings
•    To make sure waste is disposed legally and in a proper manner
•    To use natural resources in a careful manner
•    To show respect to nature and living mechanisms for a cleaner environment


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